Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spanish Paella

While in France, my hubby’s department had organized a trip to the Saint-Céré. During our stay there,  I saw this huge metal pan in which rice was being cooked with all kinds of seafood in it. The subtle aroma from the dish was so appetizing that we could hardly contain ourselves until dinnertime. That was my first taste paella and I was hooked instantly. I did try it out a few times at home but totally forgot about it when we moved.

Paella is a Spanish rice dish which is a native of Valencian region. The paella is traditionally cooked in a special, flat metal pan. Depending on the ingredients added to the rice, there are many versions from vegetarian to seafood and mixed paellas. It is usually eaten for lunch as it would be too heavy for dinner.

A few days ago when I saw a picture of this in a magazine, I tried it again.  Here is what I came up with. 

Short grain Rice-2 cups
Chicken broth- 4 cups (warm)
Saffron strands- a few
Chicken drumsticks – 4 (marinated in salt 
                                         and pepper)
Mussels- 200 gms (cleaned)
Shrimps-250 grams (shelled)
Tomatoes- 3 large (cut small)
Onion- 1 large (sliced)
Garlic- 4 cloves 
Peas- 1 cup
Salt and pepper
lemon juice as required

Heat oil in a flat metal pan. Sear the chicken drumsticks. Add the whole garlic cloves, chopped onions and tomatoes and sauté for a few minutes. Then add in the shrimps and mussels and stir somemore. Now add the rice. Mix it with the other ingredients. Then pour mixture of crushed saffron and warm chicken broth over it.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 20 mins. Stir in peas to the paella and cook 10 minutes more or until all the water is completely absorbed by the rice. Switch off the stove and let the paella rest for at least ten minutes, preferably covered. Before serving, sprinkle lemon juice. 

1. Traditonally bomba rice is used for this recipe.
2. You can substitute water for broth, but you will lose the
    richness of the dish.
3. You could add in whatever meat, veggies or seafood here.


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