Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thiruvathira special-Koova veragiyathu (Arrow root pudding)

Thirvathira is an important traditional festival of Kerala. It is largely a festival for women. Unmarried women fast on this day to get good husbands and married women fast on the preceeding day and on the day of Thiruvathira for the well being of their husband and family. The fast is essentially one involving 'non-rice' based food. The typical meal includes cooked wheat instead of rice and Thiruvathira Puzhukku (a delightful combination of tuber vegetables with beans and raw plantain cooked in a thick paste of freshly ground coconut). It will also include all the essential components of a typical Kerala festive meal (Sadya). For breakfast we have steamed plantains and koova veragiyathu. As you might have guessed by now, my favorite is koova veragiyathu. Today I am sharing with you the recipe for this dish passed on to me by my mom and grandma. Hope you will give it a try.

Arrow root powder/Koovapodi-1 cup
Jaggery-6 cubes powdered (adjust as per taste)
Coconut shredded-3/4 cup
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Ripe plantain/Nethrpazham-1 sliced

Dissolve arrow root powder in 2 cups of water and keep it aside. After sometime you will see clear water on top. Remove that water. Add 2 cups of water, mix well and keep it on medium flame. Keep stirring continuously until it starts forming a gooey mixture. At this stage add jaggery powder and continue stirring. Once jaggery dissolves add coconut. Continue stirring until all water evaporates. Stir in the Cardamom powder and sliced plantains and take it off the stove. Serve warm or cold.

1. Before you start keep all other ingredients handy. Never stop stirring once you start the
    cooking. Otherwise the mixture will turn clumpy.
2. The white colored arrow root mixture turns transparent once cooked through.
3. My mom usually saut├ęs the plantain slices in a tsp of clarified butter (Ghee) before
    adding it to the mixture.
4. You can use the mini bananas (kadalipazham) instead of plantains.


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