Saturday, January 21, 2012

Becapple Salad

I can see you rolling your eyes at the name of the dish. Oh! no; you will not find it in the dictionary. Take a peek at the picture below, I promise you all your confusion will be gone.

Salads are so refreshing. I always start my lunch with salads because even if I have only rice and fish/chicken later, I can be happy that I did have my portion of vegetables. Mix fruit with vegetables, then it becomes a perfect dish. I was always skeptical of eating beets raw. The only way I can have it raw is in the form of juice or in my smoothie. I like them in stir fries. It was only recently that I tried using them in salads. It was my Bulgarian friend who told me that beets and apple in citrus vinaigrette tastes heavenly. She has a special way of describing foods that it will make you want to have it. I gave it a try and true to her word, it was delicious. So this time I thought of adding carrots, cheese and almonds to give it a twist and finally named it from the main ingredients.

Beets/Beetroot-2 medium
Apple-1 small (granny smith)
Lime juice-2tbsp
Olive oil-1 tbsp
Chives chopped-1tbsp
Toasted almonds-handful
Grated cheese (I used provolone cheese)
Avocado-1 (optional)

Cut beets, carrots and apple into matchsticks. Toss them in a mixture of lime juice, olive oil. Sprinkle  with grated cheese, salt and pepper as required. Garnish with chives and toasted almonds. Decorate with avocado slices.

1. The tartness of the granny smith apple complements the earthiness of the beets and
    sweetness of carrots.
2. You could use toasted walnuts or 
caramelized pecans instead of almonds
3. Goat cheese or feta cheese or a combination of both can be used.
4. Parsley also can be used for garnishing.


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