Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fish Soup (South Kerala special)

The sight of her mom buying fish brought her to the verge of tears. Fever had killed her taste buds. The very thought that she will not be allowed to eat fish due to her illness was agonizing [usually the only food you are fed with when you are sick is bread or kanji (rice porridge/gruel)]. The smell from the kitchen overpowered her senses. She lay in bed expecting her usual slice of bread for lunch.   But Mom surprised her with a bowl of kanji and piping hot fish soup. Wow! It tasted like heaven in a bowl in spite of her dead  taste buds. To make the story short, by the end of the meal, the bed ridden feverish girl (me) was out of bed and hugging her mom.   

My mom calls it Fish soup. The same dish is known as Kollam (district in Kerala) meen curry at my in-laws place. Call it by any name, the  dish tastes wonderful. My mom does not add coconut milk whereas MIL does. It goes well with rice, pathiri, palappam or bread.

Fish-1/2 kg (I used sardines)
Ginger-2’’ (chopped fine)
Garlic-3 cloves (chopped fine)
Shallots-handful (chopped)
Curry leaves-handful (I used powder)
Green chillies-3, slit
Tomato-2 big (chopped)
Chili powder-2 tsp
Turmeric powders-1/2 tsp
Coriander powder-4tsp
Pepper powder-1/2 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp

Heat the oil in a pan. Add shallots, garlic, green chilies and ginger and fry until are soft. Now combine all the powders except pepper and sauté for few minutes. Add half cup of water and boil well.  Mix in the tomatoes, salt and fish pieces. Cook covered. Take off the lid after 5 mins. Switch off when you see bubbles on the edges. Do not overcook. Add the curry leaves/powder and keep closed until ready to serve.

1.You can replace tomatoes with mangoes/kudampuli/nellikka or ilimbipuli.
2.Add coconut milk If you like.


Suja Sugathan said...

Love this recipe,my mom makes this kollam style fish curry..kothiyavunnu

Yummy Team said...

Delicious soup..Nice pics!

suni said...

loli..soup looks yummy.

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