Saturday, February 12, 2011


This time I am sharing with you a Japanese dish. I happened to watch the making of sushi by Iron chef Morimoto on a TV show. It was interesting and so I decided to try it out. I had nori (dried and pressed sheets of seaweed) and rice vinegar. As I am not a big fan of raw fish, thought of creating my own version.

This is a dish of cooked vinegared rice that is commonly topped or rolled with other ingredients like fish or other seafood. They are known by different names based on the way it is rolled or served. The rice should be sticky or glutinous. The toppings or filling is usually slices of raw fish like tuna, mackerel or salmon. It could be any other seafood, pickled vegetables, tofu, or eggs flavored with soy sauce or wasabi.

So here is my take on Makizushi (sushi served rolled inside or around nori). 

Cooked rice (I used long grained rice)-1 cup
Nori seaweed sheets-4 (2x2 inch)
Rice vinegar-1 tbsp
Omelet-2 (cut into 4 strips)
Blanched asparagus stems-4 (same length as nori)
Pickled cucumber- 1 cup, chopped fine

Mash the rice (You will need to slightly overcook it). Mix vinegar, sugar and salt. Combine this mixture with mashed rice. Keep it aside until cool.

Lay the nori sheets out on a flat rolling surface. Spread the rice evenly over the sheets. Place chopped cucumber pickle evenly down the center and top with omelet strips and asparagus. Roll the sushi into a tight roll. Slice it in half and serve immediately. I served mine along with a homemade warm tuna burger.

1. Use Sushi rice for that authentic taste.
2. Instead of pickled cucumber, smear a small amount of wasabi in a line across the

    middle of the rice.
3. Use your choice of fillings.

4. Slightly toasting the Nori gives a different flavor.


jyo... said...

lolsss...ithu njan try cheyyunnundu..
restaurent le suhi pole irunnillenkil njan varumtto..;-))))0

Urmila said...

thanks jyo....njan paranjille...I have not used wasabi...athu use cheyyoo...hopefully it will be like the restaurantwala sushi tto...also use sushi rice

Suja Sugathan said...

This looks perfect dear,loved your version and presentation..adipoli ayyitundu.

Yummy Team said...

Njan ethu vare sushi try cheythitte ella, ee post kandittu onnu try cheythal kollamennundu..Thanks for sharing the recipe..

Urmila said...

thanks suja.....yummy team....try cheythu nokoo....

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