Thursday, February 10, 2011

Asparagus soup

Whether it is a cold wintry day or you are down with fever or cold, soups give you that warm, soothing and homey feeling. I remember the tomato soup that mom used to make. It was the simplest of all the soups but still was so comforting. Many a times I would act ill just to make her prepare it especially for me. After moving to US, soups have become a part and parcel of our menu especially during this cold and snowy weather. I try making soup with whatever is on hand. It is an easy dinner to put together. We love to have it with warm crusty bread, roti or a nice little side dish. 

Feeling lazy? Don’t worry; soup can make a great meal on its own. I am sharing one of the easiest soups which could be your favorite too! So read on.

Asparagus-1 bunch
Chicken stock/vegetable stock/water-1 cup
Milk-1/2 cup
Shallots chopped-1/2 cup
Minced garlic--1 tbsp
Minced ginger-1 tbsp
Green chillies-1 minced
Butter-1/2 tbsp
salt and pepper to taste

Trim the attractive top tips from the asparagus, about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length. Cut the woody stem ends from each spear and reserve. Cut the remaining tender stalks into 1/2-inch pieces.

Boil the chicken stock with the woody stems for 15 mins.  Remove the stems and discard. Blanch the tips in stock for 2 mins or till tender.  Remove with a strainer and refresh in an ice water bath. Drain on paper towels and reserve for the garnish. Reserve the stock.

Heat butter in a pan. Fry shallots, garlic, ginger and green chilies until they change color. Add the chopped asparagus stalks salt and pepper cook for a few minutes stirring in between. Add the reserved stock and simmer for 15 mins. Remove from heat. Using a blender or food processor blend them until smooth and creamy. Mix it with milk and the blanched tips and heat for 5 mins. Serve hot.

Sending this to Divya's show me your soup

1. Very tender asparagus takes very less time.
2. Replace milk with heavy cream for richer texture. But then reduce the heating time accordingly.
3. You can replace shallots with leeks or fennel/celery for a different flavor
4. You could garnish the soup with coriander leaves, parsley, basil or even toasted nuts of your choice.


Tina said...

First time to ur space....Soup sounds healthy n delicious...

Suja Sugathan said...

Delicious and healthy soup,asparagus soup sounds a great idea for dinner...

Urmila said...

hi tina, thanks and keep visiting...

thanks suja..

Yummy Team said...

Asaparagus soup sounds interesting..Urappayum try cheyyam..Nice recipe!

*Aparna* said...

Thanks for the recipe.
Easy to make & looks yummy too.
Try cheythittu parayame

Anonymous said...

tried this today. came out nice. but since i am on a dairy-free diet, had to use coconut milk which overpowered the other flavours.. should simply have left out the milk. will try again soon. thanks.

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