Sunday, January 9, 2011

Badam (Almond) Halwa with a twist!

The term halwa instills in me very fond childhood memories. It was something we had very occasionally Whenever someone visited Calicut, Kerala. We would eagerly wait for that big pack of banana chips and red semi-transparent kozhikodan halwa they would bring. I liked the ones made with coconut oil rather than the ones that had vanaspati or dalda. I just love the rubbery texture and the chewy nature of this wonderful halwa. The way it sticks to your teeth when you chew on them, is something I crave for. One other variety for which I have a similar craze is the one made with rice flour and jaggery.

There are several halwa varieties. It can be made with carrot, pumpkin, sooji (semolina), Rice flour, Maida or whole wheat flour etc. Depending on the ingredients used, it may be gelatinous, translucent, dry or crumbly. Badam halwa is usually made with Almonds, sugar, milk and ghee. My recipe does not have milk or ghee. My initial thought was to make the kozhikodan whole wheat halwa. But when I saw the bottle of almonds lying in my fridge, I changed my mind and came up with this recipe. 

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time-1 hr

Whole wheat flour- ½ cup
Powdered Almond - ½ cup
Red food color-15 drops
Sugar-3/4 cup
Coconut oil-1/2 cup
Almonds (skinned and chopped)-1/2 cup
Crushed cardamom-2 pods (optional)
Water- 2 cups

Mix wheat flour in 2 cups of water without lumps and strain it. Mix in almond powder and food color. Take this mixture in a thick bottomed pan. Place it on medium flame. Keep on stirring until you get a thick consistency. Now add sugar and continue stirring. Once it thickens again add chopped almonds and crushed cardamom and mix well. Start adding coconut oil, a little at a time continue stirring. Keep on adding oil and stirring until the mixture starts leaving the sides. Pour the mixture into a greased vessel. Cool it completely. Cut into desired shape and enjoy.


1.    You can replace water with milk and whole wheat with Maida
2.    Coconut oil can be substituted with ghee (clarified butter)
3.    Whole wheat can be used. It enhances the taste. You will have to soak and grind it 
       before straining.


കല്യാണിക്കുട്ടി said...

wow!!! Perfect shape! Looks yummy too... Good job Lolikutty

Suja Sugathan said...

Wow! delicious badam the shape and the color ..I too love the flavor of coconut oil in halwa..
Happy New Year Urmila

Anonymous said...

nice shape and color of the Almond Halva. looks enticing.

Urmila said...

thanks kalyanikuttyee...........

happy new year to you too suja....

thanks anonymous

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